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Tipton extended his raggedy black raven-like demon wings. Grabbing Zoe by her arms. “I hope you like cacti.” He said, launching up into the air, flying above the clouds and over to a comically placed grove of cacti.

"If you look ahead," he said, imitating a plane tour guide, "You will see your landing zone clearly marked with prickly things made for pricks. Otherwise known as you!"

And then he dropped her. Just like that.

(She’ll survive, right? Covered in cactus spines, but alive?)

Zoe couldn’t dodge out of the way in time— She probably could have if she were Black Cuervo though. She struggled in his grip as he lifted her up, desperate to break free before they were too far off the ground. Until… She shut her eyes tight and braced herself as she dropped. 

…Owww. She hollered with pain as she landed in the cactus field. Everything on her hurt instantly and the more she tried to move, the more the sprickly needles dug into her. She glared up him, watching him fly away. 
Whatever… Ow… She’d get back at him.  ”Vendetta,” she growled under her breath.

(And thoroughly angry and bent on revenge with a new person.) 

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TRACK: Cuervo Love Tangle
ALBUM: El Tigre




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"Would you like to test that, brat?" Tipton sneered, his red pupils glowing with anger.

"In what continent do you want to land after I drop you from the mesosphere? Australia? Russia?"

"Chur on!" she accepted, not really taking into consideration that she wasn’t even in her super villainess identity at the moment, which greatly limited her fighting. 

"I will show chu! Chu will be da one landing elsewhere, stupid kid." 

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"Da, I am," he started, much the way she started her own introduction, "Comrade Chaos! The red menace!" He came out of his pose and spoke to her normally again. "I am still called that! I still have second title too! You get it after much villainy." He was referring to his title as the red menace, of course, and not being called an old man by everyone and their grandfather.

"Ha! My grandmami sometimes speaks of chu and chur old news!" she replied. "Chu may have been a bit of a ‘big shot’ a long time ago, but chu are not’ing now!" He had been spoken about pretty well… but now he didn’t really matter to her or anything. It wasn’t like he could do anything. She was pretty sure that he could barely stand on his own.

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La Tigresa felt funny, too. She had never liked doing this kind of thing, talking about ~feelings~ and emotions and junk. It made her feel funny and really antsy. She’d always been more of a girl of action. That she actually didn’t feel antsy yet was a surprise for her.

"Yeah." she echoed quietly. "It kinda sucks, huh? A lotta the time I try not to let it get to me, an’ it doesn’t, but then somebody calls me ‘girly’, or grandpapi starts talking about all my dude ancestors, and…”

She huffed again, deciding not to continue that train of thought.

"…You ever feel like things woulda been a lot easier if you were really a girl? Sometimes I feel like that. Except, y’know, as a guy."

"Y…Yeah," he agreed hesitantly, still feeling really weird about the whole thing. "It is like… ah… I wasn’t really supposed to be born a boy either," he admitted. This was really uncomfortable. 

He reached a hand up to awkwardly scratch the back of his neck. “I mean we have always been females. My mami and my grandmami.” Joey felt his cheeks turn warmer with this conversation just out of general unpleasantness. 




Black Cuervo by MojoT

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He narrowed his pitch-black eyes.

"My scythe can split you in half like a banana. You should watch who you talk to, young fool."

To this, Zoe replied back in a sneer, "Chur the one who should watch himself. Chu don’t know what chur talking about. I could beat chu in a fight any day.” 

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"IT'S JOEY OH MY GOD." lisa said. uuugh, here we go.. "SAY SOMETHING COOL WITH THAT ACCENT OF YOURS!!"

Joey stared blankly at the unfamiliar girl in front of him, wondering how exactly she knew him and where she had come from. “What?”

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