There he is! Manny quickly transforms into La Tigresa and proceeds to make her way up to the Aves boy. "You!" she cries, pointing at him. ".. When'd you hit me with that tattoo maker?"



Cuervo looked at her, squinting his eyes before crossing his arms over his chest. “What are chu talking about now?”

La Tigresa tried to backpedal quickly, ears flattening a bit. “Uh, I didn’t mean it!” she yelped quickly. “I just dunno what it is or how it got there, okay!? And you’re, like, the only one I know who’s all about the bird stuff!”

Yeah. Just like how she was aaall about “the cat stuff”, herself. Idiot.

It was too late as Cuervo was already thoroughly pissed. “I do not even know what chu are talking about!” he yelled. “Chu stupid, stupid… stupid cat! I will show you!” With every word, he took another angry step towards her.

((oh boy))

"Oh, Rodooolfo!” 



Manny blinked cluelessly. “Oh, Hey Zoe. What’s up?” He hadn’t seen the girl in a while. Though something seemed just the slightest bit off. He brushed it off as a new haircut or something. He was bad at noticing that kind of thing.

"You know… we have to pick partners in Science class today," she explained, continuing to move closer. There was a slight difference between him and the one she was used to, but she wasn’t really focused on that.


blkcuervo said: She was red in the face as well. Granted not as much as him, but she was still embarrassed. Why did she even decide to listen to him? “Wh-What is DAT supposed to mean?! Chu stupid…!” She pulled back her fist with the intention to hurt him.

”I already told you I’m sorry! I- I.. don’t have anybody to talk to anymore and I just- was too happy about the fact somebody actually did!” He shook his head at his own stupidity. ”And I know know it’s not an excuse your right! Just punch me unconscious quickly. 

She gritted her teeth and released the punch. “Well, it won’t happen again!” she assured at a very loud volume. “And you have plenty of people to talk to! Chu always have friends!” 

but does that mean genderbent silver wolf would have cuervo’s voice

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since candi milo voices both cuervo and silver wolf, would joey’s voice sound like silver wolf’s


Zoe Aves by ashley-jocelyn

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Anyone else remember this show?

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Sketch Dump of El Tigre by FruitAvalanche

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"—Ohh, Manny~!" Zoe called out in a sing songy voice, seeing the boy. She didn’t realize that this wasn’t the Manny she was used to interacting with, but a different one. She batted her eyelashes flirtatiously and moved closer to him. 

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